Planets and Places

Triumphrant Alliance Planets and Peoples

Ceres- Ceresics- A technologically advanced planet with eleven continents. Each continent is divided into several countries. Some countries are more prosperous than others, and it wasn’t until far after space travel was perfected that war and famine became things of the past for them. Now, the planetary economy is strong. There are many cultures and races to be found on the planet and a variety of languages, but 95% of the planet speaks the Triumphrant Alliance language as well as a local language or dialect.

Paleon- Paleids- Another technologically advanced planet of elf-like people. There are only three continents on the planet, and it is largely forested or otherwise covered in vegetation. The planet is very lush. The Paleids are a peaceful race and their culture is and always has been rather homogenous. There are only three Paleid races- Hav Pae (Gray Elves), Den Pae (Wood Elves), and Far Pae (Dark Elves).

Afuun- Afuun- The third Alliance planet. A planet very similar to Ceres, but early in their history, a country known as the Yuantsung Empire successfully dominated most of the planet, spreading their culture and technology far and wide. Even countries that had historically held out and resisted integration eventually accepted the Imperial way of life. The Empire has since fallen and exists no more, but its influence on the modern countries on the planet Afuun is clear. After initial violence during a stabilizing period, the planet followed a path of development resembling the one found in Ceres, however, Afuun developed space technology before the Ceresics.

Phaeton Alpha- The first uninhabited planet discovered by the Triumphrant Alliance. This paradise-like planet now hosts the seat of power in the Alliance. The capital of the Triumphrant Alliance, Astra, is located here and the parliament meets in a large and beautiful building in the capital. People and races from every Alliance planet can be found living in the many cities on Phaeton Alpha.

Earth and its solar system are part of the Triumphrant Alliance.

Thufir Axis Planets and Peoples

Vervane- Vervanians- A dystopian world ruled by a fascist dictator. Vervane was at one time a relatively peaceful planet, but as it became industrialized, some parts of the planet were too poor to keep in stride with the various technological advancements. Poverty and unrest in many parts of the world led to strife and war. Worse, ideological differences between the First World countries also evolved into wars. Appealing to hatred within his own country, one man, Petrus Thorbrecht, rose to power, creating a police state which he ruled with an iron fist- literally. He had lost an arm while at war years previously and had it replaced with a robotic prosthetic. This man went on to form an alliance with several other countries, and eventually he rose to power as supreme world leader. The dictatorship he created lasted for hundreds of years. Granted the way their planet operated, it was no small wonder Vervane proceeded to crush and conquer other planets once they had the ability to do so.

Ohan Ki- A worldless people. Highly intelligent with highly advanced technology, the Ohan Ki possess the best space travel technology in the universe. Birdlike with beaks and large eyes, many other races find their appearance to be unsettling. The Ohan Ki have feathers on their heads and sometimes on other parts of their bodies. Their arms are long and gangly and they have talons on their fingers.

Worrel- Thriv- A race of humanoids with feline-like traits. Most have features other humanoids would identify as being tiger-like, with a fine coat of striped fur, fangs, claws, pointed ears and tails. Their faces are human-like, but they do have feline eyes. They are a large people, powerfully built- a warrior race. Several other peoples live on Worrel, but they are enslaved and are becoming increasingly rare.

Tifan- Tifans- The first planet conquered by Vervane. It is now a Vervanian planet with the Tifan people living as slaves. Discontent and uprisings are common here and they pray desperately for the day the Alliance or anyone at all, for that matter, liberates them. The capital of the Thufir Axis is located here, called Korbesh.

Eftia- Efaultra- An undeveloped planet which was conquered by the Ohan Ki, it has become somewhat like a homeworld to them as their people now outnumber the native Efaultra. The Efaultra are a reptilian race with a chameleon like ability to blend in to their surroundings. They are very rare and are highly prized as slaves because they are strong and can withstand incredibly high temperatures and poor atmospheric conditions, making them good for mining on volcanically active planets.

Planets and Peoples of the Sound

Terran- RFC 0 planet, uninhabited by intelligent life. Equivalent in its development to Jurassic Earth. Dinosaur-like creatures roam the planet. Terranite, a strong but light metal highly desired in ship building can be found scattered on the surface of Terran after volcanic activity, which is constant on the planet. Collecting terranite is profitable because it is extremely dangerous.

Ersaflora- RFC 2 planet. A planet inhabited by an elf-like race and a human-like race in an about medieval stage of development. These people are mostly peaceful. Little is known of this planet because it is protected by its RFC status under the Ikos Doctrine. However, the Thufir Axis has shown interest in this undeveloped planet because of its unique features. Several thousand years ago, the planet was undergoing an Ice Age, a colossal asteroid struck the planet, sending large chunks of powerful earth magnets into the air, causing a crater nearly the ΒΌ the size of the planet on the largest continent. Because the planet’s gravitational pull is extremely strong, the rock never escaped the atmosphere, instead becoming an stratospheric meteor belt, protecting the planet from future asteroid strikes as well as lessening the gravitational force on the surface of the planet. The planet has many floating islands of rock further within the atmosphere, many of which are covered in flora and are host to unique lifeforms found nowhere else on the planet. There is a place where the concentration of rocks suspended in the air is thin. This region is not well-protected from asteroid strikes and has become a desert. It is rumored pirates may have a hideout in this desert somewhere. The Axis is interested in Ersaflora because it suspects there may be military applications for the earth magnets found here.

CX10-48237, aka Windwhistle- RFC 5 Planet. A Thufir Axis prison planet. The worst offenders, political prisoners, and those guilty of military crimes are sent here. It is essentially a society all to itself. Although prisoners are delivered to a high-security prison, many have escaped and created small towns across the continent. Some escaped prisoners sought only a peaceful life, or to rebuild the life the Axis had stolen from them, while others desired to continue their crimes in a new setting. Being that the planet’s inhabitants are at odds with one another and there is no official government on the planet, it has developed into something of a Wild West, where only the strong survive.

Last Stand- RFC 5 planet- A rebel bastion. Inhabited by refugees from the Thufir Axis, pirates, former pirates, fugitives and other renegades. A rather spartan existence, with a sort of Steampunk flair. Most of their machines and vehicles are powered by steam and wind. However, with R.L. Hunt’s shuttle service being so successful, the planet has seen development in recent years, and the highly stylized machinery and fashions of Last Stand are a point of interest to many in the Alliance. The planet has seen more money in the last few decades and is becoming quite a bit more civilized, especially in larger metropolitan areas.

Bellafiona- RFC 5 planet- A dystopian planet with a large mob presence. Those who dislike the Triumphrant Alliance meddling in their business came here to this former Way Station planet. A new society came into being. Many tourists come here to see its unique architecture, but there are a great many poor. Some of the poorest people live below the city in the underground where there are few laws and little hope.

Way Stations A through D- Way Station planets inhabited by station workers and their families and the few people who live in the towns around the Way Stations. People usually do not live here full-time. Many Way Station planet inhabitants make an extra living by providing tours to natural sights on the planets for visitors who have a lay over during their trips.

Kaveh Aht- Empturea- A bazaar planet. If you can’t find it at the Bazaar, it doesn’t exist!

Planets and Places

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