Notable People

Important people in the game.

Notable People of the Triumphrant Alliance

Triumphrant President Briscoe- Alan Briscoe is the leader of the Triumphrant Alliance. This is his second term in office. Early in his career, Briscoe was a well-liked member of Parliament representing the planet of Ceres and the nearby Star Tide for several years, bringing success to the sectors he represented. He then ran for the presidency of Ceres. His progressive platform was well-received and he was elected president with a 47% majority. Lately, Briscoe has been getting quite a bit of media attention for his push to end the war with the Axis once and for all. He is widely liked and is known for his easy-going demeanor.

Queen Asenviah Sylestra Queen Sylestra is the descendant of a long line of Paleid monarchs. Her family has been ruling Paleon for thousands of years. They are capable rulers and are loved by their people. This love is often viewed as fanatical by non-Paleids, but granted that the people of Paleon have a lifespan near 10 times that of most humanoids, it is understandable they have become a bit set in their ways.

Daizou Li President of Afuun. Daizou is an intelligent old man, known for his strange sense of humor and his love of spacecraft. In his time, he was an infamous captain, navigating the Scar to bring relief aid to the people victimized there. He escaped near death countless times. He has settled down in his old age, but some say he will most likely take up flying again after he has served his term. He has publicly stated he intends to die in battle, fighting the Axis.

Members of Parliament These are the politicians who serve in the Alliance’s Parliament. They represent the interests of their sectors in political and social matters handled by Parliament. Parliament convenes in Astra, capital of the Alliance, found on Phaeton Alpha.

Notable People of the Thurfir Axis

Emperor Thraxx- Tidus Thraxx, emperor of the Thurfir axis. He won the title for himself with his superior martial skills and gift for strategy. He slew all competitors for the title, so it was no surprise when the Council voted unanimously not to contest his claim to the throne. The Emperor is a quiet, calculating man with a piercing gaze. He is rumored to have a horrific temper.

Councilman Berkhart- Claus Berkhart is the councilman representing Vervane. Some say Berkhart is the Emperor’s right-hand man. The two served in the same unit while they were young, and it is well-known they’ve long been friends. Berkhart is a loud and authoritative figure with a penchant for violence.

Councilman Rachtel Ekevna- Representative of the Ohan Ki, Ekevna is a shaman, blessed with the gift of foresight. She is a clever trickster with a shrewd mind, famed as the most intelligent being in the universe- capable of blackmailing anyone. Ekevna’s services are indispensable to the Emperor.

Councilman Arrhum Torg- The final member of the Council, Arrhum Torg, is an infamous Thriv warrior. No one is stronger than he is, and his skill in battle cannot be denied. Torg is not happy with Thraxx’s designation as Emperor, but he recognizes the man’s claim to the throne.

Petrus Thorbrecht- The first true Vervanian Emperor. Thorbrecht was a fascist dictator who succeeded in taking over the entire planet in the days before space travel. Under his iron fist (Thorbrecht had a robotic prosthetic arm), the country of Vervane became a violent, merciless empire, a legacy which continues to this day.

Notable People of the Sound

Captain Harington- A renegade pilot from Last Stand. He is known for his roguish charms and debonaire looks. He flies a highly advanced ship, The Tomorrow, which runs off steam. He spends his time exploring the Sound and defending his home planet from the Axis, pirates, and sometimes even driving the Alliance out when he feels they get too nosy.

Albert Fivanov- A chef of some acclaim from Last Stand. He was in very high demand on Phaeton Alpha nearly a decade ago, but for some reason, he suddenly abandoned his work and returned home. He is currently participating in several cooking contests, some say to regain the success he lost.

Don Bruce- De facto ruler of the planet Bellafiona. He is a mob boss. Not much is known about this secretive man, except that he always wears a killer suit.

R.L. Hunt- A terranite tycoon from Ceres. Although he is not from the Sound, nor does he live there, all of his business takes place there and he is responsible for employing many of the people living in the Sound. He has a big terranite refinery on Windwhistle, owns amusement parks on three way station planets, and runs a shuttle service out of Last Stand, to which the famous Lusius belongs.

Captain Hubert Bellingham- Renowned captain of the Lusius, fastest passenger ship in the Universe. The Captain has long been shuttling people and cargo through the Sound safely for 20 years. He has never lost a battle, nor has he ever lost a life on board his vessel.

Captain Centuri- Captain of the dread pirate vessel the Argo. Centuri is a smart pirate, often infiltrating both Alliance and Axis security blockades and avoiding detection and capture. She is a smuggler extraordinaire. The media refers to her as the Pirate Queen. No one knows her real name, or where she came from. All they know is that if she wants something on your ship, she will get it.

Notable People

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