Miscellaneous terms that may be useful in game:

RFC level- (Readiness for Contact) the Ikos Doctrine, which forbids explorers from venturing to undeveloped planets. The RFC level is a measure of how ready a planet’s society is to be contacted by an alien race. Planets are assigned a rating of 1-5,1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest. Planets at RFC 1 or 2 are illegal to contact or visit for whatever reason, RFC 3 planets can be visited covertly for scientific reasons, RFC 4 planets can be contacted and visits can be made with great caution, RFC 5 planets are ready for full-immersion. A sixth status, RFC 0, applies to planets without intelligent life.

Ikos Doctrine- Law written by the Alliance after their unwitting first visit to the undeveloped planet Ikos caused mass hysteria, ultimately destroying civilization on the planet. The Alliance leaders swore no undeveloped planet would ever suffer this same fate again and so they wrote the Ikos Doctrine.

The Scar- An Alliance border sector which has been repeatedly attacked by the Axis. Many planets were left completely lifeless. The people stuck here are poor and rely on the government for supplies. The Alliance has tried to evacuate this sector repeatedly, but many people refuse to leave their planets behind.

The Sound- A buffer zone of Star Tide between the Axis and Alliance that is owned by neither. Planets within this sector are Free Planets. Many of these planets are RFC 3 or below.

Sweet Spot Planets- Planets capable of supporting life. The vast majority of life-supporting planets have similar basic parameters, although some exceptions do exist.

Terranite- A very light yet strong metal found on the planet Terran. It is used to build space vessels so it is highly valued. However, it is impossible to synthesize and must be collected from Terran, a planet inhabited by gigantic, dangerous dinosaur-like creatures.


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